Little Warriors

Nothing is as dreadful as the thought of newborn babies struck by disease and complications –how they’re being threatened to lose the life they have just been given. The love of parents for their children –the hopes for… Read More

Strokes and Seizures: Disturbances in the Brain

Sue Sienna Dinglasan is a two-time stroke survivor who is just 31 years old. Her experiences with stroke had taken some of her motor skills away. Her campaign aims to fund her journey into a full recovery. You… Read More

Understanding Tumors

In one of our previous articles, we learned about cancer and how the rapid growth of cancer cells can form abnormal masses of tissue called tumors. Because of this, people almost always associate tumors with cancer. However, one… Read More

The Claws of Cancer

In Greek mythology, a giant crab named Karkinos wassent to aid the Hydra in its battle with Heracles (Hercules in Roman mythos). Despite its efforts, Karkinos was defeated and the goddess Hera then placed it amongst the stars… Read More