Mindanao’s largest public hospital, Southern Philippines Medical Center, is located in Davao. Because of its dedicated services to children’s cancer, patients from all around Mindanao travel to Davao to seek treatment. Unfortunately, most of these children have no place or family to stay with in Davao while their cancer treatments are going on.

The House of Hope Foundation was founded in 2007 in order to address the homelessness of these young cancer patients. Through converted dorms and donated homes, HoH was able to set up free transient lodgings for these children. Since then, thousands of patients have benefited. The lodgings prove to be favorable environments especially with its promotion of cancer therapy compliance.

In order to further enhance their services to these children, HoH set up a campaign at Gava asking for donations to be spent on medicine and better quality treatment.

But it wasn’t just HoH’s noble aims that had moved us –it was the fervent support of many strangers to HoH’s cause. The foundation’s campaign “Help Mindanaoan children with cancer get access to medicines and treatment” has become one of the most financially supported of the campaigns at Gava’s website. With 112 givers (and still counting) they were able to raise up to the current amount of 6,825.76 USD, which translates to around 343,000 pesos.

People can be discouraged from giving because they think their small acts of kindness could not amount to anything. Yet what wonders can be accomplished when everybody gives together in their own small way! The success of many Gava campaigns have become testaments to what collective giving can achieve. Small acts of kindness can have a large impact.

While the strong support for House of Hope’s campaign is something to celebrate, there are many others who could use the same amount of attention. Many campaigns featuring people struck with different diseases are still in need of funding. Our previous articles on cancer, tumors, and strokes & seizures have mentioned the few of many campaigns that could be the perfect place to start for the giving heart. If the inspiring benevolence of collective giving has happened before then why should it not happen again?


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