Everyone is unique, with their personalities, perspectives, and beliefs forged by their own distinct experiences in life. But despite the differences in interests and attitudes, people can still share a common passion for the good of mankind. Gava was blessed to have these unique women give us their time to talk about what generosity is for them, with their interesting answers coming from their own unique perspectives. We invite you to hear what they have to say!

Medical doctor and Ms. Earth Eco Tourism 2010 Angela Fernando talks about generosity from a doctor’s perspective:

Business entrepreneur and VSF Catering owner Josephine Abesamis explains how caring is the ultimate form of generosity:

Singer-songwriter and Alopecia awareness advocate Abby Asistio relates generosity to inspiration:

Bb. Pilipinas International 2014 Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti realizes that we must help others find their own life purpose:

TV and movie actress Andie Eigenmann learns the true meaning of generosity from loving her daughter:

Ms. Teen Earth 2015 Aya Fernandez emphasizes the importance of giving together –that a collective effort can bring a lasting impact:

Our ambassadors sum up the meaning of generosity (with additional insights by Nava Boutique owner & Fashion Blogger Danica Rio Navarro, Bb. Pilipinas Candidate & Model Ria Rabajante, Interior Designer Carla Peña, TV director & producer Marnie Manicad, and Show Host & Model Janelle Tee).

Just like these amazing advocates of generosity, we at Gava invite you to change the way you gift!