In our most recent feature, BusinessMirror spoke with Gava founder and CEO Ann Cuisia-Lindayag on the apparent lack of generosity in the Philippines. This was revealed by the World Giving Index 2016 report of the Charities Aid Foundation, wherein the Philippines ranked 47th out of 140 countries in terms of generosity. In the donation segment, the Philippines was 88th place out of 140. This was a contrast to many of our Asian neighbors (such as Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Singapore) who continue to fare well in such surveys through the recent years.

The BM article discussed the irony of this when considering that Filipinos have always identified with the bayanihan spirit. Many Filipinos have the natural inclination to help others, but why do the rankings say otherwise? Lindayag expressed to BM that our country’s lack of awareness in crowdfunding is one of the factors behind our low rankings in generosity. Compared to Western countries that have already been practicing the platform for the past few years, crowdfunding is still a new concept in our country. The Philippines is lagging behind when it comes to advancing the means and ways for their countrymen to help one another.

Despite what the rankings reveal, Lindayag expressed her belief in the generosity of Filipinos. There is so much potential for crowdfunding in the Philippines; with more than 50 million Filipinos using Facebook, they are no stranger to the technologies that platforms like crowdfunding are based on. We only need to tap into the bayanihan spirit already inherent in many Filipinos and bring it into the social media sphere. To modernize bayanihan is to make the spirit propagate as greatly as the spread of posts, photos, and videos in their Facebook newsfeeds.

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