In an MB Life article, writer Angela Casco explains the value in helping others in spite of not having much yourself. In a world where injustice prevails and compassion is scarce, giving is simply the easiest way to make the world a better place.

One of the best ways to lend a hand today is through online crowdfunding platforms. Gava was highly recommended by Casco, listing five reasons why one should give through its services:

  1. It helps realize dreams and aspirations of people in need.
  2. It propagates a culture of generosity.
  3. It saves cost.
  4. It is convenient.
  5. It has great connectivity with givers and in social media.

The article recognized Gava’s efficiency in the funding of many campaigns, an example being the successful raising of 580 USD for the heart operation of newly born Paul Frederic Panes, who is now growing healthy and well. Raising that much money with the help of only 14 givers had proved Gava’s belief that collective efforts can have a huge impact on those in need.

Gava was also lauded for its “simple, smart, and secure” fundraising experience, as well as its responsive and accessible services. These provide users quick and convenient ways to make a difference.

Read the full MB Life article here for in-depth descriptions of the reasons one should give through Gava!