Gava’s crowdfunding platform gives you the opportunity to campaign for a certain cause, project, or personal dream in order to gain the financial support to fund it. The process can be very simple, but gaining the support of others will definitely be challenging! Follow these tips that can help turn your campaign into a success:

Tell your Story

Engage with your readers by telling a story instead of a bland and detached petition. Don’t be afraid to show your passion and emotion –readers will love to connect with that human side of your campaign. Instead of sounding like you’re demanding something from the readers, provide an approachable and welcoming voice. Lastly, your campaign doesn’t need to be too long; your story needn’t be novel!

Provide Details

State the when, where, what, who, how and why of your story. Establish trust with the readers with sufficient information. For example, explaining the breakdown of where the funds will go –this really helps the reader grasp a clearer picture of your cause.

Add some flare!

A long block of text may cause the reader to lose interest. Add pictures or embed videos related to your campaign. Format the text, add some color, get creative. Find ways to keep the reader interested. Reading your campaign should not be a chore!


Let your friends know about the campaign you started! Share your campaign and ask others to share it around on social media. The success of your campaign relies heavily on your ability to market it. You never know who just might stumble upon your campaign.

Be Active

Check back on your campaign once in a while and continue to spread the word. Inactivity on your part also affects the activity of the campaign. Provide updates when you can to keep your Givers informed as they would surely love to know how you and your campaign have been doing.


We wish you luck on your campaign! Hopefully witnessing the generosity of others will inspire you to pass it on 🙂