The prevalence of online transactions in the modern age have brought forth quicker and more convenient ways to do business. However, the commonality of online transactions have also endangered the financial security of many, with scammers and illegitimate businesses infesting the internet. Today, it can be tricky to find a service that is efficient at the same time legitimate. In a Manila Times article, writer Iza Iglesias describes Gava as being both.

As a crowdfunding platform, Gava makes use of the internet’s powerful abilities in connecting people by creating an online community that enables and encourages giving. The MT article details Gava founder and CEO Ann Cuisa-Lindayag’s observations on Filipino generosity: how Filipinos are intrinsically giving but just don’t know where to start in helping others. “Often times, they worry if they are turning over their donation through the proper channel and be sure it gets to their intended beneficiary.”

Gava’s simple process and easy-to-use interface is paired with the assurance of its legitimacy. Iglesias wrote how donors “can be sure that Gava is a legitimate fund-raising website what with its current roster of partnerships with established charitable institutions.” Gava carries campaigns for World Vision, Operation Blessing,Save the Children, World Wildlife Fund, CARA [Compassion and Responsibility of Animals] Philippines, Philippine Red Cross, Haribon Foundation, Children’s Hour and Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation. With Gava, one can safely learn how to give.

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