Nothing is as dreadful as the thought of newborn babies struck by disease and complications –how they’re being threatened to lose the life they have just been given. The love of parents for their children –the hopes for their child to a healthy and happy life–this deserves so much of our support. It is very unfortunate how many loving parents in our country cannot financially support the means to keep their children healthy and secure. As a result, many of them seek the help of others who share the same compassion as they do. 

This article will feature babies from a few Gava campaigns that need attention, as well as a few details on their sicknesses to help you understand their conditions. Let’s help give these little warriors a chance to live, and show to these parents the same love and support that they have for their babies.

Baby Jaron and Baby Evan Gelly – BILIARY ATRESIA

Inside the liver, a liquid called bile is produced to help digest fat. Bile is then drained from the liver and into the intestines, carrying waste products for excretion. However, the disease Biliary Atresia blocks bile’s flow, trapping it inside the liver, causing damage and eventually liver failure.

Baby Jaron and Baby Evan Gelly both suffer from Biliary Atresia. Their treatments will include surgery and liver transplant, and their campaigns kindly ask for help in funding these treatments. You may visit their campaigns by clicking their photos below!



Baby James has Hirchsprung Disease, which is a blockage of the large intestine. This can cause bowel movement problems, jaundice and poor feeding/weight gain. Part of Baby James’ treatment was colostomy, which is a surgical procedure that allows the stool in his large intestine to come out through a hole in his abdomen (and into a bag). These procedures will need a lot of financial support –click the picture below to visit Baby James’ campaign and see what you can do to help!



Congenital Heart Disease is the most common type of birth defect. They refer to a problem present at birth regarding the structure of the heart (be it the walls, valves, arteries or veins). These problems can disrupt normal blood flow by slowing it down, directing it to the wrong area, or even blocking the flow completely.

Most children would not need treatment for Congential Heart Disease, but those who have serious cases might need medicines, surgery or even heart transplants. For Baby Marky, he will be in need of open heart surgery. Click the photo below and help fund these treatments for Baby Marky!



Baby EJ has gone through multiple complications, including pneumonia (lung infection), meningitis (inflammation of membranes in the brain and spinal cord), cerebral palsy (neurological disorder affecting motor skills), and sepsis (a very serious condition that could lead to organ failure). He had suffered several cardiac arrests as well, but Baby EJ’s will to live was stronger than all of these. We invite you to learn about Baby EJ’s incredible story and help fund his continual survival (you can visit his campaign by clicking the photo below).


There are still more campaigns to be discovered, many of which are also products of compassion for a loved one. May we learn to show them the very same love they have selflessly given. You may discover more campaigns now at .