Crowdfunding is the practice of funding causes, projects, or ventures through the collective donations of different people. To put it simply, crowds of people are funding a campaign. Through crowdfunding platforms like Gava, you can present your campaign for people to learn about; those who will find your cause worth investing or supporting will donate what they can to help fund it. On the other hand, you are also free to donate to the causes that you feel need the financial help.

As a crowdfunding platform, Gava provides a simple and fun process to the experience of giving. One can realize the joys of generosity and how easy it can be. Giving becomes the primary language here at Gava –a language that anyone can speak!

Yet as wonderful as it is to give, one should always be mindful; there should always be a substantive thought into what cause you give to and why. Make sure to know the story of the campaign as well the people behind it! If the campaign is created by a group or organization, know their history with charity and if they’ve been successful or effective with the money they’ve earned previously. Learn about their vision and mission. Check their websites, their social media, refer to press, and validate their contact information.

Also, always have a clear idea on where the money goes –you wouldn’t want your money spent on the wrong thing. There won’t be any use in a donation that lands in the wrong hands, so remember to give wisely. Thought precedes a thoughtful act after all!